On May 17, 1792,
enterprising stockbrokers
gathered under
a tree, at 68 Wall Street, NYC, to sign the Buttonwood Agreement. Establishing rules for buying and selling bonds and shares of companies creating what has become the NYSE. The Energy Advisors Group reflects the spirit of that agreement with our approach to transactions and a healthy respect for principled client relationships.

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Services include:

  • Sell-Side Transaction & Divestment Services
  • Technical Services by the Hour or by the Project
  • Virtual Data Rooms
  • Select Deal Origination & Buy-Side Assistance
  • Capital Markets Sourcing & Origination
  • Asset Valuation and Divestment for Restructuring, Bankruptcy and Liquidation
  • Oilfield Service Advise
Formerly PLS Divestment Services
Energy Advisors meeting tree

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