Transactions made simple.

10 Reasons to Hire EAG:

Added Value –  Flexible and competitive fee arrangements reduce risk, maximize objectives and assure success over the costs of EAG’s fees;  
Technical Oversight –  Proper presentation through technical assessment, upside description, asset valuation and cash flow analysis;

Premier Packaging –  Thorough and comprehensive packaging allows buyers to quickly ascertain upside;

Fast Turnaround –  In-house design, technical team and powerful web platform assures quick turnaround and get-to-market strategy;

Regional Insight –  Local oil center reps facilitate sales through regional play knowledge and buyer relationships;

Market Knowledge –  In-house proprietary and third-party databases assure proper packaging, marketing and buyer outreach. 

Buyers List –  Industry’s most extensive and thorough database used to reach potential buyers through a public or private solicitation;

Aggressive Outreach – EAG uses best-in-class protocols and aggressive phone and email follow-up on every project;

State-Of-The-Art Technology –  World-class internet platform and secure VDRs allow buyers seamless access and project tracking capability;

Reputation & Resume – 30 plus year track record of monetizing assets for thousands of sellers handling deals from $100,000 to $600,000,000 in value.